marjan habibian

I have always been inspired by nature, and by people – their attitude to life, and to the society they live in.
When I was eight years old, a revolution took place in my country; eight years of war then followed. Restrictions were imposed on me, and fear entered my life. I asked myself philosophical questions: What is the meaning of life? Why are we here?
I have always been inspired by expressionism. I search for answers in my daily life and in people’s faces. I try to read their stories, I try to get an insight into the way they feel about their lives. I look into their eyes and at their expressions, searching for an understanding of their emotions and feelings. What’s behind their smile?
My artistic journey began to be shaped when I started at Graphic Design College.
In my paintings, I try to express my personal highs and lows – and those of the society I’m living in. To some extent that’s a reflection of the development of art, both in Iran, and in the wider world. They are my response to the way I view society.

I started painting with oil, then moved on to acrylic and mixed media. Putting thick layers of color suit my temperament and the way I like to express myself through my work.

Sometimes I have nothing much in my mind – these are the times when I just enjoy starting with an abstract surface, and letting ideas flow onto it by themselves; as they develop, I feed them from my imagination.

The people I live with are the most influential characters in my art. Their philosophy of life – and all the little things which matter so much to them in their daily lives – are the inspiration for my work.

 2013 I moved to Austria and to a new culture, to be among new people. They are the new influence on my life and work.

I love drawing:  the last few years have seen figurative painting taking a bigger place in my work.